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KU ROTC WARS Special 10 Year Anniversary Edition

KU ROTC WARS 10 Year Special Anniversary Edition (aka Ranger Challenge Wars) is nearly ready for the world. Just adding cast photos as they come in and touching up a few little things that bug me.

I added this page to my website so cast members can have a sneak preview of the film (and see if you want to be any more a part of this thing than you already unwillfully are).

To everyone reading these words, if you didn't participate in the film and have never been in the Army and hate Star Wars, this ISN'T going to be funny in any way whatsoever. Even if you meet all the above criteria you still may find it painful. You've been warned. 

NOTE TO EVERYONE "INVOLVED:" Remember, it's never too late to e-mail photos if you would like to appear at the end of the film for nostalgic purposes. Please send all pics to

You'll definitely need to turn the sound up, so if your boss is the type with no sense of humor, you might want to wait until you get home to watch it.

Below is the "No Cast Photos" draft, available for download in two parts. Just click on the links below.

KU ROTC WARS Part I ( 9:06 minutes, 50.9 MB)

KU ROTC WARS Part II (7:34 minutes, 36.4 MB)

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