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There, their, and they're.

Can you tell the difference between these three words?

I have a hunch you know someone who can't, or gets confused on which to use on occasion.

How about the following words?

Your and you're.

To and too.

Then and than.

Passed and past.

Effect and affect.

Do you know when (or more importantly, when NOT) to use an apostrophe?

How about when to use e.g. instead of i.e? 

Can you use each variation of lay, lie, lain, and laid correctly, and identify each of these words' present, past, and past perfect tenses?

Sometimes I have trouble too! That's why I did some research and created a book series that can help us all.


from Atop


Illustrating the rules of basic grammar, one twisted fairy tale at a time.

Grammarlocks and the Three Theiyr'res
Book one in the Gram'mar Mountain series
(ages 8 and up)

Meet Grammarlocks, an annoying little brat with no sense of boundaries. Not unlike her mother. Yes, Goldilocks is alive and well (for now).

Papa There and Mama Their are off enjoying Baby They're's spelling bee. But the bears will be home soon, and they'll find that someone's been eating their alphabet soup! Will no one ever learn it's best not to disrespect three hungry theiyr'res?

Illustrated by the talented Brittany Penn.

NOTE: Friends, this isn't really a children's book. It's your passive-aggressive answer for those grown-up coworkers who still can't tell the difference between there, their, and they're. You're welcome.

More twisted grammar tales are coming soon!

Tales from Atop Gram'mar Mountain is an evolving, multi-book series that illustrates basic grammar rules in a fun way. They're designed to be simple enough for kids to understand, but clever enough to educate adults without him or her even knowing it's happening.

Some books will be for elementary school kids, ages 8 and up, and be fun and only slightly dark. Others may be reminiscent of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales of yesteryear, and intended more for middle grades or above. These less-lighthearted tales will be clearly marked so as to help avoid warping fragile little minds and getting parents upset with me. But fair warning, several characters may not make it all the way to the final page. Game of Grammar Thrones? Eh, we'll see. :)

All books in the series should be great fun for family, friends, and co-workers who annoy the poo out of you because they just can't seem to understand when to use you're instead of your, than instead of thenhere instead of hear, etc. It annoys me, too, hence why Gram'mar Mountain was born.

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- Rod Galindo