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Hello again!

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Novels, Novelettes, Short Stories

Illustrated by the talented Brittany Penn.

Appropriate for most elementary age children and your adult co-workers.


and the

Three Theiyr'res

A Children's Book for Grownups who can't grasp grammar!

We all know grown ups who just can't get THERE, THEIR, and THEY'RE right, don't we? This hilarious, clever sequel to the classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears tale was written specifically for them! And it will help put your young cubs on the right path to good grammar from the start.

Meet Grammarlocks, an annoying little brat with no sense of boundaries. Not unlike her mother. Yes, Goldilocks is alive and well (for now). Papa There and Mama Their are off enjoying Baby They're's spelling bee. But the bears will be home soon, and they'll find that someone's been eating their alphabet soup! Will no one ever learn it's best not to disrespect three hungry theiyr'res?

Your're Ewes

Or, a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Part Tewe

A Children's Book for Grownups who can't grasp grammar!

e-book and paperback

now available on Amazon

One day a stranger arrived on the grammar ewe’s farm,

but their sheepdog squashed their alarm.

Betty Lou and her crew

were the only ewes who knew

that they’d all soon come to harm.

Wooly Ops launched before the crack of dawn

to prevent a terrible fate.

Was Stu a good wolf like Old Blue said?

Or would a ewe be on his plate?

Illustrated by the talented Brittany Penn.

Appropriate for most elementary age children and your adult co-workers.

The Tutor

A Ghost Story



Available now in paperback and FREE e-book via Amazon, B&N, iBooks, and other online retailers.


This is the first chapter of Claire, the original short story that kicked off the novel


Young Max hates Fourth Grade math. His teenage friend Claire is an ace with numbers, and is always eager to help him with his homework. Max adores her, and loves when she visits him in the old house on Hollow Street.


Claire can also weave a ghost story like no one else. But her favorite tale always sends chills down his spine, and hits a little too close to home...

Cover design by The Cover Collection, based out of the UK. Super fast, super customer service, super professional, super


The Tutor's Ghost Stories


Only after her short life comes to a violent end, Claire Harvey's true journey begins.

When not tutoring young Max in arithmetic, sixteen-year-old Claire entertains him with haunting stories of the old house on Hollow Street. Unfortunately for him, her favorite tale hits far too close to home, and always chills him to the bone.

As the lonely decades pass, Max strives to find an end to Claire's eternal imprisonment. But after she allows her demon side to assail him in a jealous, impulsive rage, she must accept that she has now lost Max in both life as well as death. When the U.S. Department of Paranormal Affairs sends a team to exorcise her from this world, Claire must deal with them alone. The team's radical leader has an iron-clad agenda: before the break of dawn, Claire's soul will be thrust into the fiery depths of Hell, if not hurled straight to oblivion.

The popular short ghost story "The Tutor" launches this heart-wrenching adventure of betrayal, redemption, and rediscovered love.

WINNER: 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Paranormal category


Cover design by The Cover Collection, based out of the UK. Super fast, super customer service, super professional, super awesome.

I'm completely responsible for this cover. Both the good and the terrible.

Border Patrol



e-book and paperback

now available now on Amazon


The date of this novelette’s release, August 20th, 2017, is in honor of the 40th anniversary of Voyager 2’s launch ,on August 20th, 1977. Soar on, little bird. Soar on.


Something lies in wait at the furthest reaches of our solar system, where our sun's magnetosphere and solar wind no longer hold the deadly background cosmic radiation at bay.


Seven brave explorers on an international endeavor have followed Voyager 2's path, chasing the ancient probe far beyond the orbits of Pluto and her sister dwarf planets Eres, Haumea, and Makemake. The date is May 7th 2177. What began as an unremarkable day in the sixth year of their incessant mission becomes one the crew of Explorer Two may not live to forget.


And one that the population of the Pale Blue Dot they call home never remember.



The Tesla Project:


The Tesla Project

Parts I through IV of (TBD)


The classified time travel program known as The Tesla Project, launched in 1965 by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or D.A.R.P.A., was designed to help America win the Vietnam Conflict. The U.S. military has its hands full reverse-engineering the technological wonders various “Travelers” have brought back from the future: microwave ovens, pagers, beta-max players, smart phones, and of course, advanced armor and weaponry.

Sergeant First Class Mike Tyler, a.k.a. Traveler Three, has been informed his trip to 2075 could prove tricky. The camera sent before this “jump” transmitted a pitch-black world right before it was destroyed. Tyler is on a strict deadline to find answers; the portal back to 1975 will open and close again in four hours whether he’s there to step through it or not. “Just another day in the Army,” he says to himself, and enters the cavernous temporal sphere, currently charging up for his trip to 2075...

Sergeant Tyler’s convergence with History begins now.

Part V and beyond are in the works!

Cover design by The Cover Collection, based out of the UK. Super fast, super customer service, super professional, super awesome.

Distress Call Cover v9 (updated for Beta paperback)(JPEG).JPG

Cover painted by the talented Levi Hoffmeier. Find him at

Distress Call

A SCI FI NOVEL (107K words)

An emotional tale of two young sisters as they fight for life on a dying interstellar transport. A battle-hardened search and rescue team is on its way, but a cruel twist in time may have already decided the fate of all parties involved.


Book One of the SENTCORPS series.


Log One: Distress Call (Beta version available here [see notes])

Log Two: Countdown (coming in 2024)

Log Three: Prisoner of War (coming 2025)

Future Logs TBD


NOTE 1: THIS IS AN ADVANCE READER COPY FOR BETA ONLY. Final version may differ from this advance preview.


NOTE 2: Anyone who grabs this and gives me critical feedback (send to: will be included in the acknowledgements in the final version as someone who made the book the best it can be. :)

The Bracelet


A lost Kate Spade bracelet coincidentally brings together Rachel and Tristan, two wildly different personalities whose adventures are only beginning as they turn to social media to help find the bracelet's true owner. Tristan's innocence and goodwill unleashes a turn of events that leads to murder, unforeseeable twists, regained identities, and if Rachel's lucky, Tristan's heart.

Planned publishing date: To Be Determined

Just a simple, working cover, designed by me. Don't worry, I'll find a professional!

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