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Stargate SG-1: Offspring


Stargate SG-1: Offspring

An idea my then co-contractor buddy and former Army Chief Warrant Officer Mrs. Corrine Sharp and I had while scouring our Forward Operating Base at the Baghdad airport for precious ice one night in 2006. Right now we've got about one episode worth of screentime completed. Turning out to be a Two-Parter! NOTE: I've slightly altered the text of "SG-1: Offspring" so it's up-to-date with Stargate: Universe.

Synopsis: General Jack O'Neill and Colonel Samatha Carter discover their alternate-reality selves from the final Season 8 two-part episode "Moebius" had a child, who finds her way forward in time using the puddle jumper/time ship to the early 21st century and the SGC. She innocently brings with her a knowledege and a precise control of the dangerous quantum mirrors that will unleash mortal peril upon all the infinite realities when it is abused by those of lesser moral fortitude in various other realities, and bring back all-too familiar foes and even ones never before seen. The SG-1 we know will not succeed in fighting off the intruders this time. This time, they must somehow find a way to trust the unlikeliest of heroes...

Click to view Offspring Part 1 (MS Word document, 51 Pages, 5th Draft, COMPLETE)

Click to view Offspring Part 2 (MS Word document, 31 Pages, 1st Draft, In Progress)


 background STORY information 


(This screenplay was originally intended to be submitted for a possible Season 11 SG-1 episode but with the cancellation of the show, it has been altered to work with a future season of any other spinoff.  Characters' ranks have been updated (Samantha Carter to "full-bird" Colonel and Jack O'Neill to "3-Star" Lieutenant General), as per the most recent season of Stargate Universe.


Working Title: "Offspring"

Additional info: This episode could air anytime in the next few years, perhaps even on an episode of Stargate Universe where we return to the SGC, with all the cast reprising their roles in a cameo.  The direct prequel to this show would be the Season 8 finale two-parter, Moebius Parts I and II, where accidental tampering with the timeline resulted in a future where the Stargate was never found because this time Ra took it with him after the uprising rather than leaving it where it could be buried and found in the 1930s.  An alternate reality SG-1 is sent back in time 5000 years using a puddle jumper with a time travel device on board to repair the timeline.  In the end they help the Egyptians conduct the uprising against Ra and ensure the gate is left on Earth.  The timeline as we know it is repaired but the alternate team, along with "our" Daniel is stuck in 5000 BCE.  However, back in the present, since the timeline was not changed, "our" entire SG-1 team NEVER travels back in time in the first place.  A paradox?  Well, probably.  But if we can use Schrodinger's Cat as an example, honestly there is no way to tell without actually looking to see whether those people are indeed stuck back there in the past or not.  Since the writers of Stargate SG-1 never looked into the matter, for the purposes of this continuing story, we'll say they are.


Mobius Part II concludes with the alternate Jack and Sam hitting it off where "our" Jack and Sam never seemed to be able to, at least not such that the audience was allowed to see.  The only change to the timeline is that suddenly there is now fish in Jack's pond where there weren't any before.  To this Jack responds, "close enough."  This screenplay picks up a few years into the future of that episode, 20 years further into the life of alternate Jack and Sam, where their daughter finds her way to the SGC in the present.


The offspring of alternate timeline Sam and Jack is given the name Maggie, because we all know how much Jack O’Neill loves the Simpsons, which even the alternate timeline Jack would know about because the Simpsons first aired in the late 80s.  Give her her mom’s brains and her dad’s military skills, homeschool-taught to her by the alternate Jack and Sam on Earth's distant past and on numerous other worlds they visit using the puddle jumper. Before the Egypt stargate is buried (to be found 5000 years later), the "family" travels to Abdydos in a quiet, covert mission to capture as much of the gate symbol directory as possible that "our" Daniel knows is hidden there before Ra's ship arrives.  They then find a planet with an uneventful future to live on in an attempt to prevent contamination of the timeline Daniel knows any further.  In the end we will see they were only mostly successful at this; somehow fish got eradicated from Jack's pond anyway (thus putting things back to "normal" after being changed at the end of Mobius Part II).  The Antarctica gate is never used--the family never returns to Earth--to ensure that gate is found just as it should be in the future (episode: "Solitudes")



Opening for future episodes/spinoffs/movies: Maggie can remain on Earth.  After a season adjusting to life in the 21st Century, she could then replace Amanda Tapping as the female lead on SG-1 (now resurrected from cancellation by a smart network after two (or more?) very successful straight-to-DVD movies, regardless of how the Atlantis movies or the new series Stargate Universe does).  Now that the US government has a timeship, SGC could then conduct very careful missions (naturally sanctioned by the IOA) to the future or to the past, perhaps finally meeting the Ancients in their heyday, bringing back enough knowledge to figure out a great deal of Ancient technology and truly become the Fifth Race.







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