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Stargate SG-1: 1942

  STARGATE fanfiction: "1942"  

Stargate SG-1: 1942

Another brainstorm Corrine and I had, so far just in the initial idea stage. Imagine "Vintage Stargate" set in the 1940s, around Catherine and Earnest's day. SG teams return from missions with technology, weapons and knowledge of plastics, microwave ovens, microchips, lasers, cellular communication devices, and other modern wonders. Did you REALLY think that we Earthlings came up with all these wonderful toys all by ourselves?

Synopsis: After the attack on Pearl Harbor and the subsequent thrust of the US into World War II, the government looks desperately for any advantage over the Japanese and the Germans. One scientist discovers the purpose of the ring found at Giza in 1928 when it is suddenly activated and a thieving privateer steps through from another world while the scientist is studying it. The privateer has been visiting Earth and acquiring weapons and other resources for some time but has never encountered anyone near the gate on previous trips in the decrepit warehouse it and other "inexplicable" artifacts are kept. He is surprised by armed US soldiers and quickly taken into custody. He explains how the gate works, even surrendering his portable dialing device (but not telling how it works until later episodes), and provides several addresses (to what turn out to be very dangerous planets) in exchange for his life. The privateer is held by the government and is a recurring character, visited often for his knowledge of gate characteristics and of the worlds visited by the military. The US uses the gate to obtain valuable technology which leads to microwave ovens, personal computers, jet engines, cell phones, medical advances, etc. * * * * * In the final episode, [unknown event occurs] which ceases gate operations and temporarily deactivates the SGC. Knowledge of how the gate operates is lost until Daniel Jackson and colleagues rediscover the secret of the stargate in 1994.

This story has spinoff written all over it! Perhaps we'll finally meet the Furlings? Perhaps in the end it could be revealed that they have the ability to PERMANENTLY erase memories so the show could go in many interesting directions without ultimately violating previously established Stargate canon?


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