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Rod Galindo is a freelance Book Illustrator interested in Freelance Jobs.



Below: Some pics of my little Padawans I touched up. :)



Below: Logo made for the Battlefield Visualization Team at the National Simulation Center, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  



Below: another logo made for the same team at Fort Leavenworth.  It was decided this one would not be implemented for technical reasons that I could go into, but then I'd have to kill everyone who reads this website who doesn't have a "need to know." lol  :) 


Below:  A flag proudly displayed in Baghdad's Green Zone by my old artillery unit stationed there when they pulled security duty in 2006.  I was simultaneously stationed in another unit closer to the Baghdad airport at the time and had no idea they had this until I visited them!  I wonder if their commander still has it..?


 Below:  The currently used logo for the Global Simulation Capability in the National Simulation Center at Fort Leavenworth Kansas.  The Colonel said he'd buy a case of beer for whoever designed the chosen logo.  I'm still waiting....  






 The School daze of suzi shelton  

The School Daze of Suzi Shelton is a comic I started in 1991 while bored between battles on my tank in Desert Storm.

The story is set in the mid 21st century and follows a teenage girl named Suzi Shelton and her friends as they navigate the terrors and drugery of high school, everyday life, and the often far-fetched, unrealistic expectations they believe are coming in their aproaching adulthood.  Suzi makes her life more interesting and dramatic with her steadfast dedication to single-handedly creating a Green, Peaceful World, aided by her always present and overactive phyche.  Her psyche  manifests itself in two completely separate characters which Suzi believes act independently of her and over whom she feels she has zero control.  One is her Id, who calls herself Isuz, the opposite of Suzi, and the other is her SuperEgo, named Suzi Sprite.  Athough Suzi is sane enough to understand that others cannot see Isuz and knows she is in fact inside her head and not in the physical world, Suzi considers her a very real person and interacts with her both verbally and physically.  However, Suzi's best friend Sara can sometimes interact with Izus as well due to an undeveloped type of telekenisis Sara and Suzi have shared since childhood.  Izus is always up for fun, danger, and indulgences (mainly food, laziness and boys).  Suzi Sprite is a fairie who has some superpowers but of course they only work on Izus.  Sara does not like Suzi Sprite, because the fairie does not like her, which can be explained by the fact that deep down, Suzi does not agree with Sara's lifestyle and lack of conviction but does not want to jeopardize losing her BFF by saying so.  This fairie keeps Suzi in line and ensures she becomes a productive member of society.

A battle buddy who drove another tank in my platoon named Jonathon Lyons had a group of characters of his own known as the alternative punk rock band "Violent Morbidity."  VM consists of lead singer and six string Cap Howdy, his bisexual girlfriend Sheila who plays bass guitar, Henreid, who plays random instruments and who goes to a different school than the rest of the gang, and Lord Xang, a mysterious man in his 30s who plays drums for VM and who often disappears without advanced notice and can be gone for days on end.  Suzi's brother fills in on drums when band practice or a legitimate gig comes around and Lord Xang is on Sabbatical.  Were he not such a god on the drums, Cap would tell him to get lost.  Jon and I combined all the characters into the same story.  I lost track of him after we all departed from Germany after the war, nearly 20 years ago now, not hearing from him again until extremely recently.  I hope he can provide insight and contribue further to the story when he has time.

A third member, a Staff Sergeant named Edwards who I met after the war at Fort Hood, Texas, had another short story developed involving a pumpkin brought to life and a young girl mutated by the radioactive waste dumped on various objects by a very tiny alien spaceship as it left Earth.  Jack the Pumpkin developed a high sense or morality, Sherry Smith evolved a Cherry Pie for a face when she ate several pieces of the pie that was cooling on the sill of her farmhouse's kitchen window which was exposed to the waste of the tiny UFO.  A broken Microwave was also brought to life, and developed an evil streak simply because it was broken and left abandonded in a junk pile.  This story I developed further on my own and incorporated it into the favorite TV show of Suzi and the gang.  They refer to it as "JPCP" (Jack the Pumpkin & Cherry Pie).

Jack and Cherry and the other benevolent creatures that were created or mutated by the radiation learn to communicate either with spoken English or through non-verbal communication (Jack doesn't talk), and Jack and Cherry develop a juvenille relationship.  He defends her honor with only his wits, a shield made from a trash can lid, and a broken Ginsu knife with a broken tip.

Mr. Microwave wields various garden tools and smaller farm equipment, and leads the malevolent crew of broken machines and diseased critters also mutated by the radiation.  Among other onery exploits, their primary mission is to capture Cherry Pie and bake her head in Mr. Microwave's innards.  He doesn't know why he fees compelled to complete this mission, all he knows is that he's a machine made for cooking and cooking is what he does.  Or would, if he could find a way to get fixed (to this end he is obsessed).  Hence, Jack eventually realizes that Mr. Microwave isn't really a threat at all, until one late episode where the Microwave DOES get repaired, but keeps it a secret....

The gang goes to a school called Helivius High in a small midwest town to be identified at a later date.  There is a severe twist at the end that only a few people are privvy to, which may really upset anyone who becomes a fan of the comic...