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Rod A. Galindo arrived on Earth in the Spring of 1970. He’s been trying to stay out of trouble ever since, but has now accepted that finding it is one of the three things he does well, right behind drawing and right ahead of spelling. He annoys both his military and civilian friends alike, because he’s just that big of a geeky anomaly who fits in absolutely nowhere.


Rod's heart is in the right place if not his brain, and he thanks the gods of biomechanics everyday that fortune favors the foolish as well as ships named Enterprise. As a fellow Army cadet once put it, “Rod shoots this way, everyone else shoots that way, but it all comes out okay in the end.”


His home is in Kansas but his heart is in deep space. Or on a tropical beach when his request for stargate travel is denied. As it usually is; “Official Business only, sir,” the Air Force Security Patrol up on Cheyenne Mountain repeats ad nauseum. Man, those guys take things so seriously!

"Major Galindo" has nearly thirty years of service under his belt in the U. S. Army, both Active Duty (as an enlisted M-1A1 Abrams tank crewman, Operation Desert Storm) and the Kansas Army National Guard (as a Field Artillery officer, Operation Noble Eagle and Operation Iraqi Freedom).

"Rod Galindo" is a worn-out father of four; two cyber-smart teenage boys, one German Army (Bundeswehr) Soldatin who is as dangerously clever as she is beautiful, and he fills in as full-time father to a special young lady who never really had a dad to call her own.

Rod is a fully assimilated and very active member of the Wordwraiths Writing Collective and Wordwraith Books, LLC (learn more about our authors and books at Wordwraiths.com).  





(Or at least until dinner)


Here are my little Younglings playing with their dangerous laser toys. Awww.


This was a whole LOT of years ago. Both Killian and Neo have graduated to full Padawan status now.  Not to mention teenage-hood. :)






This was after a few fingers and hard-fought battles were lost. But a lot of lessons were learned.  And as often happens, one of them -- Neo in this case -- went all "bad guy" red saber on us.

Oh how I wish they were still that little. :(







She'll rip the stupid right out of you and replace it with good ol' German common sense!


I just noticed how violent all my children are.



Looks like my job as der Vater ist complete.